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College-Preparatory High School with Focus on SciencE, Engineering, Humanities

The mission of SciCore High School is to significantly improve the academic standing and intellectual skills of its students. Our school offers a supportive, enriching environment in which to build knowledge and skills so that students may succeed in their college major and make progress toward their chosen careers.

Students wishing to enter the fields of science, engineering, medical arts, or technology will find the SciCore curriculum to be especially valuable. We are committed to preparing students for success in college through a thorough, integrated math-science-communication curriculum. We want students to experience the exhilaration of scientific discovery, join the quest to understand the natural world and use their creativity to design and fabricate new devices and processes. We also believe that an education in scientific methods and analysis tools enables success in many life activities. While many graduates have entered college to study medicine, engineering, and science, other graduates have gone on to careers in business, music, dance, law, political science, etc. Practical training in scientific methods and analytical thinking are highly beneficial to every student.

For students interested in the humanities with a goal to enter careers such as law, political science, NGOs, and the arts, SciCore provides a thorough foundation in logic, analysis, presentation skills, and expository writing. Some of our students have entered top music and art schools and pre-law programs. Courses in ethics, intro to philosophy, and finance can be valuable to budding entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals.

In summary, the SciCore High School curriculum provides an integrated, project-intensive experience for a solid foundation for a variety of career paths. Special features of the curriculum which help students achieve their college and career goals include:

*** Interdisciplinary connections among science, math, and the social sciences

***Project-based Learning

***Study Seminar for problem-solving help

***In-house SAT/ACT Prep

***Many core courses at AP level

***Career Seminar to introduce students to career options

***Career-linked specialty courses 

Students need time for fun activities and exercise so that they may return refreshed to their academic pursuits. Daily gym classes, after-school social activities, and unconventional field trips help students unwind and enjoin one another's company.

In the pages below, we provide a list of courses available to students sometime during their 4 year SciCore experience. The link below contains a list of colleges that have accepted our students.

College Acceptances

Alumni Testimonials

For an in-depth view into how the SciCore experience enriches and prepares students for today's academic and career environments, please watch the following alumni testimonial videos.

Courses of Study

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• Chemistry 1
• Chemistry 2 (AP)
• Biology (AP)
• Algebra-based Physics 
• Physics 2 -Mechanics (AP)
• Physics 2- E & M (AP)
• Food Science
• Biotechnology
• Analytical and Bioanalytical Laboratory

  • Research Institute


• Geometry
• Algebra 1 & 2 with Applications
• Pre-calculus (AP)
• Calculus B/C (AP)
• Statistics (AP)
• Multivariable Calculus
• Linear Algebra


• English Literature (AP)
• Logic & Debate
• Public Speaking
• Comedies
• Theatre
• Foreign Language 
• Musical Ensemble
• Architectural Design

  • Great Books (Literature)
  • Morality & Ethics
  • Intro to Philosophy

Social Sciences

• History of Science & Technology
• Western Civilizations
• Human Geography (AP)
• World History (AP)
• US History (AP)

  • Civics
  • Personal Finance
  • Writing Research Papers
  • Morality & Ethics

Interfaced Solar Panels


• Robotics with       Microcontrollers
• Wood & Plastics Shop
• Mechatronics
• Intro to Engineering

Computer Science

• Excel & Office Scripts
• Python
• Computer Science A(AP)

College & Career Focus

• Careers Seminar
• Internship Seminar
• In-house SAT/ACT Prep
• Study Seminar (tutoring)
• AP Capstone Project

  • Technical Writing


  • Debate Team
  • Service Corp
  • Chess
  • Volleyball
  • Student-selected Options


school values

We believe that educational and personal growth is optimized by an orderly, respectful, and cooperative school social environment. At SciCore, we value honesty, cooperation, helpfulness, civility, appreciation for the gift of education, and commitment to success. SciCore is a "substance-free" zone. We encourage a positive attitude toward learning, and we offer counseling and referrals when students face challenges. We welcome feedback on how to continually improve the SciCore High School programs so that students' high school experiences are enriching and memorable.

Application Process

To apply for admission to SciCore High School, fill out the online High School Application form found on the Admissions page of this site. This is a simple 2-3 page form which entails no obligation on your side.

Once the application is received, we will contact you to set up a virtual interview via Google Meet. At this informal interview, we will want to learn more about your academic objectives and what you are looking for in a quality high school education. And we welcome detailed questions about the SciCore High School experience. Your parents are encouraged to attend. 

If the interview committee finds a good fit between the school's objectives and your interests and motivations, it will send an acceptance letter. To reserve a spot in the upcoming school year, your parents should submit a $650 deposit, which will be applied to the annual tuition. The current tuition rates are available on the Admissions page. Need-based partial and full scholarships are available.