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SciCore Academy Academic Summer Camps 2022

Held at 156 Maxwell Ave., Hightstown, NJ (

SciCore Academy will offer in-person academic summer camps from June 27 to August 5. They are designed to sharpen your child’s academic skills and knowledge during the summer break and to help him, or her prepare for the upcoming school year. Each session is one-week long, with the exception of the two-week Early Readers camp. Camps are available for students ages 4 – 17, and include subjects such as math, reading, English, fabrication, hiking, electronics, and biotechnology. Sessions run daily from 9 am - 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday, except for the Adventure Camp, which ends at approximately 5 pm. Camps are conducted by the faculty of SciCore Academy, who are experienced and trained in our effective teaching methods. Programs are open to students currently enrolled in public, private, or home-schools.

Programs will be held at 156 Maxwell Ave., Hightstown, a safe and peaceful campus with excellent gym facilities and an outdoor play area. The fee for each camp is $365 per week. Students should bring a bag lunch and one snack. For additional information, see the descriptions below, call 609-448-8950, or email to

Refund Policy: Once paid, students may be withdrawn from the camp at an 85% refund, if notified via email two weeks prior to the start of the camp. If a student becomes ill during the camp and has a doctor’s notice for extended absence, a pro-rated fee will be refunded.

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Schedule for Summer Camps 2022

Program For Students Entering -- Dates
Early Readers PK, K, or 1st grade June 27 – July 8 (two weeks)
Adventure Camp Grades 6-12 July 11 - 15(two weeks)
Fabrication Shop Grades 8-12 July 25 – 29
Elementary English & Math Grades 1-4 July 25 - 29
Middle School Electronics Grades 5-8 July 25 - 29
Elementary Science & Math Grades 1-4 Aug 1 - 5
Middle School English & Math Grades 5-8 Aug 1 - 5
High School Biotechnology Grades 9-12 Aug 1 - 5

Early Readers – Your child will learn to read or increase their reading fluidity in this personalized reading camp. The program is based on a phonics curriculum which has been used successfully for hundreds of students in our camps and school. Using differentiated learning techniques, each child is given individual attention from their own starting point. Give one of the greatest gifts you can to your child -- the ability to read!

Adventure Camp – Hikers and explorers will tremendously enjoy this outdoor camp. Each day, students are driven by van to a different hiking or adventure location within an hour’s distance. They receive good exercise and enjoy nature’s beauty on well-established trail walks and vistas. Students should bring a backpack, plenty of water, trail mix and lunch, and wear good walking shoes. This camp is a hit every year. Sign up soon!

Fabrication Shop – If your student is a budding mechanical engineer or just enjoys building things, they will learn much in fabrication shop. Students will be introduced to 3-D drawing and CAD-CAM software. They will then fabricate projects from plastic and wood using 3-D printers, CNC-milling machine, CNC-router, and shop tools. This unique, “hands-on” camp has been school-tested to create a high-value summer program.

Elementary English & Math – Each day is divided into half English and half math. Students are taught fundamentals of grammar and usage, writing sentences and paragraphs, and how to become expressive communicators. The math component focuses on fundamentals of arithmetic, such as addition and multiplication facts, subtraction, division, fractions, solving for unknowns, word problems, and more. Our experienced teachers make learning enjoyable; your child will leave the camp with greater confidence and pride in their achievements.

Elementary Science & Math – Each day is divided into half science and half math. Students enjoy group and individual laboratory experiments in biology, chemistry and physical science. Math session is a skills review with focus on practical applications and problems relevant to measurement and science.

Middle School Electronics – Analog and digital electronics form the basis of all manner of devices used in daily life and industry. This “hands-on” camp will introduce your student to fundamental concepts in modern electronics. Each student will build and test their own circuits on breadboards and perf boards. They will learn how to use analog components such as capacitors, resistors, and diodes, and will be introduced to concepts such as charge, voltage, resistance, conductance, current, ohm’s law, Kirkhoff’s Law, transistors, and gates. No prior experience necessary. This camp is a terrific way to build student interest in electrical and computer engineering, and to inspire him or her to think creatively.

Middle School English & Math – Each day is divided into half English and half math. Students review grammar and usage, learn to write well-organized essays, and learn to sparkle their communications with strong vocabulary. Math instruction will span arithmetic through pre-algebra. A math assessment will be given the first day to gauge student level and to divide the class into appropriate achievement groups as needed.

High School Biotechnology – Biotechnology impacts everyday life and is increasingly important to the fields of healthcare, food production, and environmental science. This camp is a “hands-on” laboratory program in which students are introduced to techniques of gene transfer, DNA isolation and splicing, separation of biologics, and related biochemistry. Each lab is preceded by a lecture on the principle of biotechnology on which it is based. Students work individually on safe, proven experiments using appropriate apparatus and instrumentation. They will take away from this program an experiential knowledge in important areas of genetics and modern industrial biology.